Monday, January 2


Our three words to strive for this 2017
Oldest to youngest
Andy (aka ceviche chef)

(after all, I'm going to be turning 40)
(LDC being so proud of herself...she can now ride with her butt up off the seat)

Sunday, January 1

Inner Joy of Peace

“In the defenseless strength of that baby,” people can see “the final victory over the arrogant and noisy powers of the earth,”

It's a Wrap

Charleston SC

Polar Express
Bryson City, NC

Hopeland Gardens
Holiday Lights Festival
Aiken SC

Salem, SC

"December, the friday, of the months"

Saturday, December 10

Pluff Mud

The birthday boy, with LDC, waiting for the ferry to arrive.
Once on board the catamaran- we began winding through the marsh, 
passing Willets, Spartina, periwinkles and
breathing in "some of the cleanest air in the United States".
Our destination was the ocean side of Bull Island South Carolina.
Low tide and knobbed whelks awaited us.
As well as the following humorous situation... 


It's not sand
It is pluff mud
"According to legend, the mud was used to fertilize cotton fields that had become depleted of nutrients. This garnered the alternate spelling of “plough.” ...
Pluff mud has a vacuum-induced sucking power that would make James Dyson envious. You can’t really call yourself a Charlestonian until you have sacrificed a shoe or two to its gooey, vise-like clutch. The constancy of the mud vacillates wildly over the course of a few feet. Within a single step, ankle deep can become mid thigh or worse. Like quicksand, pluff mud draws you deeper the more you struggle."
Deciding to for-go the vise-like clutch.
November 26, 2016

Saturday, November 5

Flower Pot

When I asked LDC what she wanted to be for Halloween this year, her thoughts included:
 ladybug, pink balloon and a rainbow flower.

She narrowed down her brainstorming and settled on a rainbow flower.

Loved pulling the costume together this year.

The watering can was the trick-or-treat bag.
Additional touch: Order Lepidoptera on her headband.
Her sign made me fall out of the chair laughing.
We are working on spelling.

Wednesday, October 26

Hello Fall

Pumpkins from her patch

Sunday, October 9

Mom Getaway Weekend

 Seven Moms On a Mission.
(the above pic had to be taken more than once because we kept cracking up and couldn't keep "serious" faces)

The mission: to relax, sleep-in(!) and have a weekend of fun.

Cashiers North Carolina
Jamie- with the pumpkin as her face- hysterical.
Mission accomplished.