Monday, July 16

Week 6


Reading to animals in the local shelter

Reclaiming the yard from the weeds

And...accidental shattering of glass while reclaiming the yard.
The weed eater threw a pebble.

Sunday, July 15

Week 5 Family Reunion Adventure and Happiness

Family traveled from...
The Centennial State
The Tar Heel State
The Lone Star State
The Palmetto State

Six Mile South Carolina.

We temporarily increased the town population to 716.
Food was never in shortage and nor were spirits (alcoholic or cheeriness).

Great time had by allllllll.
Chesson Irby Family Reunion 2018

Thursday, July 5

Week 4 of Summer

Week Four of Summer Included:

The last of Summer Swim League
(Andy timing)

July 4th

Thursday, June 28

Week Two Of Summer, Island Life

Hello Vacation

"If you need me, call me on my shell"
Jekyll Island

What we thought was a sea turtle...or a mysterious creature...turned out to be wood.

porch with a view

"You know that feeling you get after vacation 
when you're just so happy to get back to reality?

Me neither."

Friday, June 15

Week One of Summer

Watching summer evening storms roll in, with Andy on the porch.
Taking LDC to the local animal shelter to read to furry friends.
Little Evie and LDC

Thursday, May 24

Green Schoolyard

Lately it has been rare for there to be a blue sky so when the sun came out, on the way home from school, we seized the last of our day by stopping at the local lake.

"At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling"