Saturday, September 16

40 and Tinkerbell

My 40th
These sweet ladies, in addition to Andy and LDC, spoiled me.
Next up,
LDCs bday party

Peter Pan play
followed by dinner at Mellow

My favorite part
Watching and seeing the girls READING the birthday cards

Art, Summer, and School

Arts Alive Festival
Art Expo
Blueberry Kaboob and Eggs
Last 2017 Summer Park Playdate
Hello 2017 School Year

Sunday, September 3

Path of Totality

August 21, 2017
Trenton SC
“You never forget your first kiss … you always remember your first time in the shadow,”
What did the three of us find so remarkable...
It got cooler
The wind picked up
A sunset and then a sunrise
Birds became quiet
Crickets started chirping
A planet out in the middle of the day
The street lights came on
The coolest shadows on the ground

Monday, August 28

Little Things Make Big Things

Goodbye Sweet Summer
It was a summer full of "the little things":
 Lots and lots and lots (and lots) of mommy daughter cooking while Andy enjoyed all the tasting
 Being patient and waiting...
French Press Coffee each morning

Already sweaty so why not sweat some more and grill out routinely 

And Finally....

"Because before long, you’ll be walking down the aisle with your graduating class. Cap and gown, and that wide smile of yours. I’ll sit in my seat as I choke up a bit, and a few tears will roll down my cheeks. Tears for the good times? Or tears of regret?

Tears for making the most of every moment I had with you—every summer I savored?

Or tears of remorse for knowing that I could have done better—could have been more present in what we had, for only a time?

So I know what I must do. I must make every single summer count. All eighteen of them, because it’s not a lot."

Summer Savored

Monday, August 21

Tuesday, August 8

taking the time

Our summer is still in full swing.

Lately we have been cruising the Southeast and enjoying company on the homestead.

First up:
Are we there yet?- LDC
North Carolina


Second: The Kerr Family Visit

Is it 2:30 yet?- Lisa, Day 1
Is it 2:30 yet?- Lindsey, Day 2

It isn't good to keep things bottled up.

Finish your day, sparkling. 

I'll be there in a Prosecco 

Saturday, July 22

shake it like a Polaroid picture

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.
-John Muir

Smoky Girls Getaway 2017

A glimpse of the adventure...
A stop in Cherokee to play at the town center park
Our usual evening routine to wait and watch the elk come in for grazing
An afternoon float trip
P-E-R-F-E-C-T weather
Grazers hanging out in the background
(Brandi assuring me our kids will not be nibbled on)
Clingmans Dome
Hi, Hey, Howdy, Hello

Hike to Andrews Bald
It was a strenuous hike but we saw, learned and received more than we were seeking.

(When I state strenuous...think backpackers climbing a short distance and then having to stop time and time again...think everyone you pass on the way out is huffing and puffing. It was a demanding trail, especially for little hikers.)
Behind the camera lens...
Happy Hour Time for the Moms

Personal highlight of the trip.
The four of us hiking on the Appalachian Trail.
Elk Viewing
Future National Geographic Photojournalist

Junior Ranger Class
"It's s'more fun when we are together"